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    With the improvement of human living standards, does the environmental level of Earth have to go down? Can’t human and the Earth exist at the same time with a comfortable living environment? We take the idea as a starting point, and turn it into reality. “Timwell silicone polyester synthetic leather green manufacture technology” will contribute to our generation and our offspring for a better life.


    People all say that, synthetic leather is composed of chemical substance, but our idea is different, synthetic leather is the science of human life service, so we have been doing researches constantly for providing human a better tomorrow, “what kind of synthetic leather is the best?”


    "More comfortability, less pollution.”

    "It is safe for our children sitting inside our vehicles, it is unnecessary to worry about the release of VOC.”

    "We wear shoes to let our foot breathe the air.”

    "We sit on a comfortable sofa, children may use the sofa as the canvas and enjoy the happiness of painting.”


    "As for synthetic leather, we do subtraction instead of addition.”

    "To reduce energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution, reduce water consumption and  toxic substance.”

    "We manufacture products without any water which cause no water pollution, we are doing our best to save more drinking water for human being.”



    For a better future, a sustainable and a healthy development for human, we are not only focusing on materials, energy, water and life, we have been doing researches and studies on common things happen in our life constantly in order to improve human life quality, accepting advanced technology for protecting environment to change synthetic leather era. Today, with Timwell high performance synthetic leather arise , what you are seeing is not only an advanced technology, but it is also a meaningful innovation spirit which is making life become better.


    All life deserves our respect, we worked day and night, in order to achieve the pursuit of a healthy and a high quality life, as well as the equality of all species on earth, we will never stop respecting life, respecting the Earth which human-being are relied on. We are trying our best to work for it.