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    Guangdong Timwell Eco-Material Co., Ltd. established a professional research center, established a sound research and development system, From the development and synthesis of basic materials to the manufacture of various silicone rubber high performance leathers, a large number of patents have been obtained. The product iterative process for silicone rubber synthetic leather was well prepared, and good cooperation was established with major universities and research institutes in China.



    Silicone rubber is mainly composed of methyl and a small amount of vinyl-containing siloxane node. The raw material is mineral silica ore (sand type). The silica gel itself has good air permeability and the oxygen transmittance is the highest in the synthetic polymer. In addition, the silica gel has a wide service temperature ( -115~ 315℃), is nontoxic, odorless, can withstand high temperature disinfection, has superior electrical insulation performance and weatherability. Silica gel is an ideal material for making medical devices ( such as drainage tubes, medical gloves, etc.) and artificial prosthesis, and it can be flame-retardant, wear-resistant, waterproof and acid-alkali-resistant by hybrid synthesis.