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What is timwell high-performance synthetic material?

    Timwell high-performance synthetic material is a new kind of high-molecule polymer based on years of R&D experience, excellent resources from the professional team of Guangdong Timwell eco-material co.,ltd. Timwell high-performance synthetic material is processed through varieties of patented technique, and the raw material is made from natural sand and stones, Timwell high-performance synthetic material has its own special performance such as air permeability, anti-hydrolysis, 100% eco friendly , etc. It may be applied to many specific fields such as marine, automotive, upholstery, medical facilities, etc.


Why do we choose timwell?

    GUANGDONG TIMWELL ECO-MATERIAL CO.,LTD.  is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the R&D and production of silicone rubber polymer synthetic material, which is based on the deep cultivation of silicone rubber and concentrates its advantageous resources and utilizes the world's leading technology.

    The company has set up a professional research center and established a perfect R&D system. From the research and development and synthesis of basic materials to the manufacturing process of various silicone rubber polymer high-performance synthetic material, the company has achieved great results and obtained a large number of patents. At the same time, it has established good cooperation with major domestic universities and research institutions, and is fully prepared for the iteration of silicone rubber synthetic material products.


     Timwell is the global leader in silicone rubber polymer synthetic material field. The company specializes in the research and production of eco-friendly, healthy and natural silicone rubber polymer synthetic material, and provides customers with systematic solutions. Through years of continuous innovation, the company committed itself to providing safer, more environmentally friendly, more comfortable and more durable products to human being. Not only Timwell has contributed a better life for human-being, but also created harmonious coexistence between mankind and the earth.

    Timwell high-performance synthetic material can be seen everywhere in the natural world of silicon ore, it is inexhaustible, eco-friendly and healthy. Timwell silicone rubber synthetic material is synthesized by Timwell patented technology which has excellent physical properties such as air permeability, hydrolysis resistance, weather resistance, environmental protection, flame retardancy, easy-to-clean, abrasion resistance and so on, Timwell silicone rubber synthetic material is recyclable which makes important contribution to the sustainable development of mankind. It can be applied to all fields of life such as home furnishing, yachts&boats, outdoor upholstery, automotive, medical industry and etc.